Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Cats

Introducing the major loves of my life - my cats, former and current: Dimi (sadly missed), Circe and Indi. Dimi and Circe are Russian Blues and half sisters, Indi is a Rag Doll.

Dimi was my first and most loved cat. We bonded the moment she came into my house and she trusted me completely. We helped one another through losses, heartaches and illness. She survived a cancer diagnosis in 2006 and last year she had several months of on and off illness.

Sadly, I had to let her go in November. She would have been 17 in February this year. Just typing this brings up all the emotions and tears of last year. I'll never have another cat like her - she was very special.

Circe is Dimi's little half sister, is 15 years old & still acts like a kitten. She is very sweet and loving and not particularly bright. She loves everyone and hates being left alone. Having spent all night on my bed she will go out for a minute and as soon as she comes back in will start purring again. Nothing makes her happier than to have uninterrupted time on my lap.

Indi (short for Indigo) is the new addition to the household and has been here for 3 weeks. He is a 2 year old boy - a retired stud - and is very athletic and affectionate but still a little unsure about this new place. He and Circe have just started doing a little tentative playing. He is a real blokey boy, reminding me of one of my brothers. He bounces all over the house crashing into things and knocking them over; he makes a mess and his food winds up all over the place!
Some photos of Indi - he was camera shy to start with & I took a lot more photos like this!

 ...nearly got him
At last a decent picture...pity about the background; and his eyes are a light blue
He's a handsome boy, isn't he?

And this is what I found one morning...
 Indi - housewrecker extraordinaire!